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"We believe that our client should focus on their business and not have to worry about their marketing"

Rosemary Hepburn - Owner, Lyndon Associates

We completely understand the pressures of running a business. We also understand that the greatest commodity within your business is TIME. Good marketing of a business requires time and a good knowledge of your target audience. Many of our clients do not have this expertise in-house which is where we come in.

Our expertise has been acquired over many years within the marketing industry. We work with a team of associates that covers design and creativity, and content production alongside digital skillsets that include social media management and marketing as well as website development and search engine optimisation.

Lyndon Associates is the one-stop option for creating the correct marketing strategy for you. We work as an extension of your business, your own marketing department without the hiring costs of skilled staff each month.

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Time, resources, skills. How challenged are you by these issues in your business? We step in to help, advise and guide clients who often have little or no marketing skills or resources in house. Many simply do not have the time needed to devote to the creation of effective marketing and indeed, many often confess that marketing is really ‘not their thing’! Owner-managed companies who opt to outsource their marketing are a feature of our client list–Directors working in their businesses, entrepreneurial style, looking to grow and reap the rewards; needing to rely on a trusted, expert and knowledgeable pair of hands on the team.

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